Winter Romance

IWinter Romance  I never considered Winter as a romantic season.  When you are working and commuting in the snow it just seems cold and aggravating.  Winter at Ogopogo is another story.  Its a Winter Wonderland and truly is serene and romantic.  When you get to enjoy the beauty of the snow, the sun shining on the lake, the utter quiet……… it just becomes very peaceful and calming.  If you haven’t tried a winter vacation you should consider it.  You do have to dress and pack warmly but snow shoeing on the lake is just stunning and you might even see some deer walking on the lake!  The skating rink at night is lit and romance is just in the air as you glance up into the sky and see all the beautiful stars.  Of course when you are done outside you get to come inside to a beautiful fireplace and snuggle and enjoy each other.  Consider a winter get away in our Winter Wonderland at Ogopogo!